SOG Resources was formed to acquire, develop and operate oil and gas assets in the United States. SOG Resources focuses its acquisition efforts on producing assets and independent E&P companies in the $1MM to $50MM range that contain upside potential from development drilling, recompletions, improved operations or other recovery methods. SOG Resources pursues acquisitions of oil and gas properties that present unique opportunities to enhance value through the application of innovative technological processes. In addition, SOG Resources grows its asset base through the acquisition of leases and seismic data in its core operating areas for exploration and development drilling.

SOG Resources concentrates its search for properties in North America where it has the technical expertise to optimize the engineering and geologic aspects of the projects. To ensure successful management of its invested capital, SOG Resources prefers to operate all acquired and drilled assets which allows the company to initiate, operate and directly control programs dedicated to increasing the assets’ production and cash flows. This strategy allows SOG Resources to maintain an efficient and low cost operating structure.