Bob is a petroleum explorationist with world wide experience. He started with Unocal in Houston and worked Gulf of Mexico exploration and development projects for the next thirteen years. He held several management positions including District Development Geologist for the Western Offshore and Texas Gulf Coast and East Texas and Regional Exploration Geologist for Unocal's Gulf region. Bob's experience in the Mid-Continent started with a position of District Exploration Manager in Oklahoma City and then Regional Exploration Manager for Unocal's Mid-Continent region. During this period he had oversite on work by the geologists and geophysicists assigned to the fields that SOG now owns - Cut Bank and West Poison Spider. Following a company-wide re-organization he was promoted to Chief Geologist for Worldwide Exploration. This position led to working with teams in many of the petroleum basins in the world. He then was the leader of a joint Japex/Unocal evaluation of Venezuela's second exploration round. He was also the Geological Manager in a business development team working to gain access to the Persian Gulf. Bob returned to a technical position in 1997 in order to cross train in Geophysics. He spent five years exploring onshore and offshore Central and East Gulf of Mexico utilizing 3-D seismic data and all the associated software. While on Unocal's Regional Exploration Team Bob developed techniques to predict trap integrity in Gulf of Mexico overpressured areas. This evolved into a task force to teach how to use geopressure analysis in the exploration process. Following the merger of Unocal and Chevron he worked on the Deep Water
exploration team and then for Chevron Research's Reservoir Characterization Team working to develop techniques to integrate production data into geological mapping to detect reservoir compartmentalization. He retired from Chevron in 2008 and joined JX-Nippon USA where he was Chief Geologist. While at Nippon, Bob prepared a study of onshore North American oil trends for strategy development. This led to evaluation of Gulf Coast onshore CO2 redevelopment candidates and in joining NRG and Hilcorp in the West Ranch Project. This project involves capture of CO2 from a coal fired power plant and transporting it to a large, but largely depleted, oil field on the Gulf Coast. Bob joined SOG in 2014 and is working mostly on the Cut Bank Field and developing CO2 for potential use in EOR in the area.

Bob has a PhD in geology from Southern Methodist University and a BS in geology from the University of Texas at Arlington. He was also a National Research Council post-doctoral fellow with the USGS prior to joining the oil industry.