He retired from Unocal after 38 years and held assignments in engineering, operations, economics, planning, and management in Louisiana, Texas, California and Canada. President and General Manager of Unocal Canada, Ltd., - responsible for exploration, production, and restructuring of Canadian assets.  Also General Manager, California Asset Sale - responsible for the exit sale of Unocal’s California fields; Vice-President, Planning and Asset Management – corporate budgeting and strategic planning for Unocal’s upstream assets; General Manager, Western Region – California exploration and production activities; Regional Operations Manager, Western Region; Regional Engineering Manager, Western Region; Manager of Planning and Valuation, Gulf Region - budgeting and planning duties, bidding economics on 35 Gulf of Mexico OCS Federal Sales. A Director, Unbridled Energy Corp.(TSXV) 2009-2010. The 2006 President and Member of the Executive Committee, and has served as Chairman, Council of Past Presidents of The Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers(SPEE); Vice-President, National Energy, The Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists(SIPES); Member, Engineering Advisory Board(EAB), Cockrell School of Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin; served on the Steering Committee for the AAPG/SPE International Multidisciplinary Reserves Conference, June, 2007, Washington, D.C.; Life Member, The Society of Petroleum Engineers(SPE); a Registered Professional Engineer in Petroleum Engineering in Texas and Louisiana; and holds BS and MS degrees in Petroleum Engineering from The University of Texas At Austin.